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Anything easier than Skienforge?

Posted by owism8 
Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 22, 2011 08:31PM
Yeah my printer is going super slow in printing.

advice? or other Gcode generators? I used 3dtoolchain.com made by a techzone programmer, but its been down for 2 days and thats unreliable, so i need to learn skienforge or any other option.

Any settings advice for Techzone Huxley model? Thanks all.

Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 23, 2011 05:50PM
Which version of SF? How slow is it going? Have you changed the Feed Rate variable on the Speed tab?


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Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 23, 2011 09:15PM
SF 38, because i didnt update my firmware yet. Its going REALLY slow. like 1mm a second .

I think I did change that number. Is that the variable which will speed it up?

Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 23, 2011 09:22PM
If you are using SF38, then you need to play with the Feedrate and Flowrate settings on the Speed tab. If you use SF40+ and modify your E_STEPS_PER_MM setting in your firmware, you can just set both values to the same setting to control speed.

The Feedrate controls the speed of the head over the bed, in mm per second. Flowrate affects the speed at which the extruder pushes out filament.

Another setting to check is in the limit tab, make sure the values there make sense. This limits the speed of your axis if they end up going too fast.


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Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 26, 2011 09:59PM
i am getting the same issue but now it only dose it to me when it is trying to extrude, i have looked over my options more than a few times, but i can never seem to find the setting that i need to change.

Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 28, 2011 06:28AM
@owism and @dissidence: what are your feed and flow rate settings? Start with a feed rate of 20 mm/s or lower.
Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 28, 2011 08:52AM
Hey Brnrd, Here it is:
Feed rate: 30
flow rate setting: 236
Orbital feed rate/operating feed rate: 2.08
travel feed rate: 20
Re: Anything easier than Skienforge?
May 30, 2011 06:21PM
Giving me good results using SF41 and Repsnapper on Windows XP

Skeinforge 41 settings
Here are the settings I am now using with a little help from various people on the Reprap forums and via IRC chat. I am currently printing myself a complete new set of gears so that I have a spare set.

Profile type – Extrusion
Profile selection – No 4 (I have several I just kept cloning them so I could keep track of changes)
Version – 11.04.26


Activate Bottom –– Yes
Additional height over layer thickness (ratio) 0.7
Altitude (mm) 0.0
SVG viewer webbrowser

Add layer template to SVG – Yes
Extra decimal places (float) 2.0
Import coarseness (ratio) 1.0

Infill in direction of bridge – Yes
Layer thickness (mm) 0.4

Layers from (index) 0
Layers to (index) 912345678

Mesh type correct mesh – Yes
Perimeter width over thickness (ratio) 1.8
SVG viewer webbrowser

Activate chamber – No

Activate clip – Yes
Clip over perimeter width (ratio) 0.5
Maximum connection distance over perimeter width (ratio) 10.0

Comb, Cool
Activate – No

Activate dimension – Yes
Absolute extrusion distance – Yes
Extruder retraction speed (mm/s) 50.0
Filament diameter (mm) 2.8 (measured with digital callipers)
Filament packing density (ratio) 1.0
Retraction distance (mm) 1.0
Restart extra distance (mm) 0

Activate export – Yes
Add export suffix – Yes
Gcode small – Yes

Activate fill – Yes
Diaphragm period (layers) 100
Diaphragm thickness (layers) 0
-Extra shells-
Extra shells on alternating solid layer (layers) 2
Extra shells on base (layers) 1
Extra shells on sparse layer (layers) 1
Grid circle separation over perimeter width (ratio) 0.2
Grid extra overlap (ratio) 0.1
Grid junction separation band height (layers) 10
Grid junction separation over octagon radios at end (ratio) 0.0
Grid junction separation over octagon radios at middle (ratio) 0.0
Infill begin rotation (degrees) 45.0
Infill begin rotation repeat (layers) 1
Infill odd layer extra rotation (degrees) 90.0
Line – Yes
Infill perimeter overlap (ratio) 0.15
Infill solidity 0.25 (good for PLA) Nopheads preferred setting
Infill width over thickness (ratio) 1.5
Solid surface thickness (layers) 3

Fillet, Home, Hop, Inset, Jitter, Lash
Activate – No

Activate limit – Yes
Maximum initial feed rate (mm/s) 75.0
Maximum Z feed rate (mm/s) 3.0

Activate multiply – Yes
Centre X (mm) 100
Centre Y (mm) 100
-Number of cells-
Number of columns (integer) 1
Number of rows (integer) 1
Separation over perimeter width (ratio) 15.0

Activate oozebane – No

Preface (can’t be turned off)
-Name of alteration files-
Name of end file – end code.gcode
Name of start file – start code.gcode
Set positioning to absolute – Yes
Set units to millimetres – Yes

Your start and end codes are kept in the Skeinforge alterations folder

Activate raft – Yes
Add raft, elevate nozzle, orbit – Yes
Base feed rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
Base flow rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
Base infill density (ratio) 0.5
Base layer thickness over layer thickness 2.0
Base layers (integer) 0
Base nozzle lift over base layer thickness (ratio) 0.4
Interface feed rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
Interface flow rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
Interface infill density (ratio) 0.5
Interface layer thickness over layer thickness 1.0
Interface layers (integer) 0
Interface nozzle lift over interface layer thickness (ratio) 0.45
-Object first layer-
Object first layer feed rate infill multiplier (ratio) 0.4
Object first layer feed rate perimeter multiplier (ratio) 0.4
Object first layer flow rate infill multiplier (ratio) 0.4
Object first layer flow rate perimeter multiplier (ratio) 0.4
Operating nozzle lift over layer thickness (ratio) 0.5
-Raft size-
Raft additional margin over length (%) 1.0
Raft margin (mm) 3.0
Activate support cross hatch – No
Activate scale – No

Activate skirt – Yes
Convex – Yes
Gap over perimeter width (ratio) 5.0 (prints a perimeter makes sure plastic is extruding)
Layers to (index) 1
(Initially I wasn’t getting a decent extrusion on the first layer of my prints so I added a skirt 10mm out from the print to solve this issue)

Activate speed – Yes
Add flow rate – Yes
Bridge feed rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
Bridge flow rate multiplier (ratio) 1.0
-Duty cycle-
Duty cycle at beginning (portion) 1.0
Duty cycle at ending (portion) 0.0
Feed rate (mm/s) 30.0
Flow rate setting (float) 30.0
Orbital feed rate over operating feed rate (ratio) 0.5
Perimeter feed rate over operating feed rate (ratio) 0.4
Perimeter flow rate over operating flow rate (ratio) 0.4
Travel feed rate (mm/s) 40.0

Activate splodge – No

Activate stretch – Yes
Cross limit distance over perimeter width (ratio) 5.0
Loop stretch over perimeter width (ratio) 0.11
Path stretch over perimeter width (ratio) 0.0
Perimeter inside stretch over perimeter width (ratio) 0.32
Perimeter outside stretch over perimeter width (ratio) 0.1
Stretch from distance over perimeter width (ratio) 2.0

Activate temperature – Yes
Cooling rate (C/s) 3.0
Heating rate (C/s) 10.0
-Temperature- (I have been playing around with these
Base temperature (C0 210.0
Interface temperature (C) 200.0
Object first layer infill temperature (C) 220.0
Object first layer perimeter temperature (C) 220.0
Object next layers temperature (C) 220.0
Support layers temperature (C) 200.0
Supported layers temperature (C) 230.0

Tower, Unpause, Widen, Wipe
Activate – No

My start code is
G21; metric is good
G90; absolute positioning
G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0; zero the extruded length axes

My end code is
G1 F70
G1 E-10 F30000; sucks filament back quickly to stop ooze
G1 Z7 F70; lifts nozzle 7mm from finished print surface
G1 F2300
G1 X-100 Y100 F2300; moves print bed out for easy job removal
M104 S0; turns off extruder

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