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Rasberry pi & EMC2

Posted by johnrpm 
Rasberry pi & EMC2
March 19, 2012 04:02AM
I am a bit slow to think of this but can the resberry PI run a version of EMC2.

Random Precision
Re: Rasberry pi & EMC2
March 22, 2012 01:35PM
I believe EMC2 is x86-only, though I may be wrong. However, I'm thinking of using my rpi (if I ever get it):

run all non realtime pins to r-pi gpios (things like heating control, stepper enable lines, fan control)
use small avr connected to the serial lines to do real-time stuff
modify pronterface to poke the gpios instead of sending gcode to the avr
Re: Rasberry pi & EMC2
October 21, 2012 11:38PM
See these links for LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2)...

Re: Rasberry pi & EMC2
April 11, 2013 11:19PM
LinuxCNC runs on ARM. It's been ported to a few ARM SOC's (arm9, 11, cortex A8 and 9) for multi-axis machine control.



linuxcnc raspberry pi mcp23017 realtime linux kernel ARM cnc stepper motors

Linuxcnc (emc2) running on Pico-SAM9G45
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