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for what its worth here is software that aids in emc2

Posted by james villeneuve 
this is software that hooks up with arduino in usb, tells the controller what temp to run extruder at. the rest of controls are up to your cnc controller mach 3 or emc2.

software link

it uses the arduino, or any other hardware. it communicated in the M gcode and request temp readings several times a second. it can also be used to test reprap setup. it works multi platform with WINE install

just look for temp_test.exe file click on it and run!

it will ask what comport your reprap controller or programmed arduino uses

Re: for what its worth here is software that aids in emc2
February 25, 2010 01:14AM
Thanks James.

It's worth quite a lot, so it is a wiki page now smiling smiley
emc and arduino have a large install base, and that, plus work by folk like you help move things along.

Once we have the new repository up,
I'll ping you and ask you to upload it, if that's ok.

I'm a bit obsessive about trying to make it easy for users to contribute to RepRap wiki and other stuff, so please let me know if you have any trouble editing that page or creating new pages using the example page as a template.

Also, this came up via a quick google:
Is this part of your codebase, or did you start from scratch?
arduino code is not mine, at least originally. i think i modded it a tiny bit but did not add comments yet. shame on me. i think it may have been the pin out.

actually i think i need to upload it again, i don't know why but i switched pin 11 to pin 12 as the heater pin and that is not pwm, i scratched my head for an hour or so on that one, I'll fix it in the morning. so change the heater pin assignment to 10 or 11.

the vb app is completely mine, however, or in this case it belongs to everyone,

i think it has source code as well. its lazy programming, but it shows how to talk to reprap electronics.

anything i post on this forum is open to anyone. download it dice it slice it and by all means make it better! so upload away!
Re: for what its worth here is software that aids in emc2
March 10, 2010 01:07AM
After you sort out that video, you may choose to start networking with
your customers (in this forum) and start stuffing as much of your
toolchain into RepRap.org, because then the forum and the wiki start
doing your customer support and development for you. As it is right
now, I'm reluctant to point users your way because I don't know what
or where your electronics and software _are_. Going by memory, that's
a forum attachment or two, some pointers to stuff in thingiverse, and

It's not up here:

We've got a stub here:
but the developers (you + next guy?) aren't maintaining it in this case.

It's not here:

It's not in the "official repository" (coming soon)

and so on.

The GPL doesn't compel you to do anything besides tack it up
_somewhere_ and that could be a link to a tarball at your url. But a
lot of buyers don't want complexity, they want consistancy, and they
like the RepRap 'Brand Name'.

So if 6 months from now, they see a happy arduino-emc forum,
you chatting with your co-devs, they'll be happier buying your kit.

-Sebastien, RepRap.org library gnome.

Remember, you're all RepRap developers (once you've joined the super-secret developer mailing list), and the wiki, RepRap.org, [reprap.org] is for everyone and everything! grinning smiley
My goal is a 3 dimension robot that allows the user to choose. the arduino for starters (although it needs a lot more documentation even from me, and reprap, and a few code tweaks for acceleration software)

The only restrictions i have is it needs to have a controller that has a printer port, and support emc2 or mach3 software thru parallel port. also the voltage needs to be input at 18-30volts and the ni-chrome wire is 12-15ohms because of the higher voltage.

i want to post the stl files for my printer design. it is not a perfect design, i need to make parts a little thicker and include documentation that i'd like to host on reprap site.

see if this video comes close to what you are needing. it ant perfect. but it is an excellent start. it also proves that threaded rods, although unpopular can work if you have a good controller board.

i provide software to convert 5d python code to run perfectly on emc2 or any other host software. my machine can also have an upgrade to the power supply to 30volts
i'll be shooting a few more videos and trying to condense the build of frame vertex down, and show a completed one built all angles and with a white background. there is still disbelief that this thing works! also i need to tweak settings a little as the little circles are too small and i need to run skein for a faster feedrate! I think it can print about 35% faster!




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