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Posted by Giuseppe 
May 24, 2010 05:07AM
I have modify the file Thermistor.h present in directory Extruder Controller but this is not called from any procedure.
So the repstrap-commtest.py not working.
In repstrap-commtest.py call the function 91 but i not see this function defined in extrudercontroller.pde
Can help me?
Re: Thermistor.h
May 24, 2010 05:55AM
Hi Giuseppe,

take a look at Heater.h line 124:

    virtual int read_thermistor()
      int raw = sample_temperature(thermistor_pin);
      int celsius = 0;
      char i;
      for (i=1; i raw)
          celsius  = temptable[i-1][1] + 
            (raw - temptable[i-1][0]) * 
            (temptable[1] - temptable[i-1][1]) /
            (temptable[0] - temptable[i-1][0]);
          if (celsius > 300)
            celsius = 300; 
      // Overflow: We just clamp to 0 degrees celsius
      if (i == NUMTEMPS)
        celsius = 0;
      return celsius;
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