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extruder bolt-on to CNC mill project.

Posted by generalsocial 
extruder bolt-on to CNC mill project.
January 21, 2011 11:41AM

This is my first post!

I have just acquired a working CNC Mill! Yippie!

Now I want to add an extruder so I can made plastic stuff additively!

The details of the project are here: [mambohead.com]

Here's my mill: [mambohead.com]

As you can see there are several challenges to overcome.

Controller: I guess I need to get some sort of controller for this stepper so that I can connect it to a parallel pin on the controller computer.

Heater: What to get for the heater in the extruder? Does that get controlled by a controller or is there a manual setting on a typical cupcake machine? Do I need to know the temperature? Do I need something to display that?

Software: I’ve been using Sketchup and a few other tools to run the CNC mill. How to control the extruder? Is this the A axis? What does this mean when generating the g-code? What is the required chain of programs to get this done?

Any ideas?

I'm just starting to read this forum so forgive me if there is a known solution for easily getting an extruder onto an EMC2 or Mach III mill.

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