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3D-Printserver UDOO Quad -> Debian wheezy armHF

Posted by angelo 
3D-Printserver UDOO Quad -> Debian wheezy armHF
April 16, 2014 03:57AM


Download (Files) -> un "ZIP" -> Win32DiskImage (32GB SD-Cart) write -> SD-Card plug in UDOO Quad slot and Power on.
If you are in the same LAN, open Browser http:// udoo-reprap and the registration of OpenMediaVault must have on the screen.
Openmediavault http:// udoo-reprap user= admin password = reprap
OctoPrint http:// udoo-reprap:5000 user = udoo password = reprap
Webmin https:// udoo-reprap:10000 user = root password = reprap
VNC-Viewer-5.1.0-Windows-64bit vpn user = reprap
putty udoo-reprap Port:22 user = root password = reprap

To install the Services is your Job :-)

No support of LCD + touch, no HDMI, no webcam support and SATA could run, but not tested.
Cura and Slic3r only on commandline - OpenGL GLX is not because the GPU driver module-core does not yet work on armhf.

Mein Club: [hackerspace-ffm.de]
RADDS-Shield -> Commercial [max3dshop.org]
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