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Algorithm for Fixing Surface Normals

Posted by solijohn 
Algorithm for Fixing Surface Normals
April 22, 2014 02:04PM
I notice that many slicers do poorly with models that have inverted surface normals.

Is there a known algorithm that can fix this issue in STLs?

I'd love to make a script to correct this.
Re: Algorithm for Fixing Surface Normals
April 22, 2014 02:22PM
You can check out how admesh does it [sites.google.com]

Also Blender has a function where if you import an STL, enter edit mode (press tab), press "A" so all the vertices are highlighted and then press button in the left menu that says recalculate (in a section called normals) it will do its best to figure it out.

The problem with just trying to fix the normals is when the file is not manifolded or has overlapping faces etc.

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