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Has anybody tried craftware?

Posted by jbernardis 
Has anybody tried craftware?
January 16, 2015 01:03AM
I was reading a tutorial written by richrap and he mentioned craftware as a slicer. I had never heard of it, so I did some googling and it led me here.

I downloaded and and have it running on my PC. My problem is that it's only for windows/mac, and I am using Linux (don't talk to me about wine - it's at best a band aid). That aside, though, I found it to be pretty impressive. I don't know how the slicer works since I've not yet printed anything sliced by it, but it's got some very good object manipulation tools - including one of the best G Code viewers I've ever seen (IMHO).

I was just wondering what other's experiences with it were - particularly if you've printed anything from it.

The download also includes something called craftprint which is supposed to provide hosting capabilities, but I haven't tried it.

At present, they are calling it "beta" and it is free for download. It's not clear if it will remain free once it passes the beta stage
Re: Has anybody tried craftware?
March 30, 2015 05:05AM
I tried it. It has a lot of features, but I was unsuccessful in getting a good print out of it. Main thing is, it seems to overextrude and move too fast despite my settings. However, I am also using the latest beta version and it may be buggy.
Re: Has anybody tried craftware?
July 26, 2016 01:25AM
Wow.. over a year later and this question has one answer and still says 'new'.. did reprap die and I got in too late or what? Anyway, for the archives sake, I haven't been able to use CraftPrint successfully yet, it won't print but I found that the G-code that I slice in CraftWare prints really well. Much more control over all the options to get a perfect print but it's not very convenient having to export it and whatnot and that in combination with the fact that I'm really lazy has made it so I rarely ever use it sad smiley
Re: Has anybody tried craftware?
October 04, 2016 09:37PM
I use it a bit. Especially now that I have an ubuntu version. The main problem is that it doesn't fit into my tool chain. You can't use it as a background slicer - it can only work if you load up the GUI and import your objects, slice them, export them as g code files, and then load them in your host program (I too have not gotten craftprint to work, and quite frankly have no interest in doing so because it appears to be very simplistic). This is all too tedious compared to the way I'm used to working.

I agree that the quality of the sliced file is nice, but my sample size is not all that large. I think there is promise of another version - hopefully soon - and we'll see if some of these issues have been addressed.
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