postprocessing g-code for skin-pattern?!thumbs up
May 18, 2015 06:39AM
Hi Guys,
sometimes I want my printed parts to have a nice skin. (My LCD-cover is butt ugly...)

When I print on glass, I have a nice shiny surface, but the pattern I see, is just the random g-code chaos.

I want to write a postprocessing script, which eliminates the original layers of the g-code and replaces them with my
"exotic meander pattern".
Such a pattern would not only look good, but also can help against warping, because there are no long straight lines of material that contract while they cool off and pull up the edges of my part.

Even the sides of the parts could have a certain kind of pattern.
When you pause the extraction at the right spots, retract and move on with the print, you create a small interruption in the material, which sums up to a picture, like we´ve seen on "Lightscribe" CD´s.

Which language is neccessary to write such a script? ( I´m familiar with c++, but if Java or python is needed, I can learn that too)

Anyone with experience in g-code want to support me?

Re: postprocessing g-code for skin-pattern?!
May 19, 2015 07:35AM
Today I tried to print a regular pattern on the sides of a 20mm cube.
It was hard to take a Picture of it, because black PLA isn´t the best choice. But for an 1st attempt I was happy.

Ofcourse the gcode was altered manually. I´d like to write code for similar regular patterns, autoscaling to fit the dimensions of the object.
open | download - skin_cube_1.jpg (151.5 KB)
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