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Reprap Gcode Types for Time Calculation

Posted by mihawk1991 
Reprap Gcode Types for Time Calculation
January 19, 2016 09:56AM
Hi everyone,

i am interested in the meaning of the different 'Types' (e.g. Fill, Skin, Wall-Outer etc.). Unfortunately i couldn't find any documentation on this topic.
Particularly i am interested which speed setting from the machine ( i use an Ultimaker 2) is used in which part of the gcode. My goal is to develop a exact time calculator in Matlab with the distance from the gcode and the known speed setting.

If there is no such documentation, it would already help me a lot if somebody could tell me the difference between the Wall-Outer and the Skin type.

Thanks in advance!
Re: Reprap Gcode Types for Time Calculation
January 24, 2016 03:37AM
You've not included the name of the slicer you are using.
However it should be fairly strait forward to determine.

Fill would be infill.
Wall sounds like perimeter - which could be inner or outer.
Skin sounds like top or bottom layer.

In Slic3r Output Options I would turn on verbose gcode.

If your slicer does not do that then you could perhaps set specific speeds for the different types, and then you'll find them in the gcode X60, in the feedrate words (F600 would be 10mm/sec) in order to determine which is which.

I'm doing this in my post processor - reading the gcode into a table and calculating dozens of parameters. For a really accurate time you would need to use some kinematic equations, but it may be close enough without them.

You can also calculate the weight and cost of support and regular...

Hope that helps.

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Re: Reprap Gcode Types for Time Calculation
January 24, 2016 09:59AM
I looked into the issue of getting accurate print estimation times a while ago. The problem is, it depends not only by the speed parameters you use in the slicer but also the acceleration, maximum jerk speed and maximum speed parameters of the printer, on the precise details of the movement generation algorithm in the printer firmware, and on whether the data can be supplied fast enough to the printer to keep up with it.

To account for these as best I could (i.e all except the last), I implemented simulation mode in RepRapFirmware several months ago. See [reprap.org]. You can enter simulation mode, run the print, and it will tell you how long it will take (excluding bed and hot end heating times). The snag is that simulating a print of several hours still takes several minutes, so it isn't a solution if you want an instant result.

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