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Copyer Firmware Needs to be Edited

Posted by khondoke 
Copyer Firmware Needs to be Edited
April 07, 2016 01:19AM
Hello, I am using a 3D printer with custom dual mixing extruder. I am using the attached firmware downloaded from somewhere in internet, which simply command the second extruder motor to do exactly same thing as the first extruder. So, it gives me 50%-50% composition. I need to change the composition. For example, if somehow I can edit the firmware so that the second extruder extrudes just half of the first extruder, giving 33%-66% composition. To do that, I have to find out exactly where the firmware tells to do that to the second extruder. I don't have any idea of that. Would you anyone please check the firmware and let me know how can I modify this? Thank you very much.

Re: Copyer Firmware Needs to be Edited
April 14, 2016 06:36PM
I can't help you with that particular firmware, but it sounds like you need an implementation of the M567 command, see [reprap.org].

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