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Custom labview application

Posted by melb_maker 
Custom labview application
September 29, 2016 09:20PM
I am investigating the potential for myself to wright a application like printrun to send commands to a custom ramps board. I wish to free up some resources on the ATmega1280 to let me add more stepper drivers. I have done some searches online but I just get bombarded with your standard software applications available and people having difficulty using them. I wish to use 2 arduinos 1 to handle the steppers, end stops, and all that nitty gritty math stuff and one to handle things like beds temperatures, fans and stuff like that and tie them both together with a user interface on a PC using labview (Linx for labview/arduono on the secondary arduino). At this stage I am just looking for some information/reading so I can experiment with communication with the ramps board from my PC.
Re: Custom labview application
September 30, 2016 04:01PM
Why not use a modern 32-bit controller board + driver expansion board instead? It's much simpler than trying to synchronise stepper motors on two Arduinos.

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Re: Custom labview application
October 01, 2016 03:06AM
Yer i want to keep all the drivers and end stops on 1 board with added drivers to do all the g code calculations and use the other one to control my multiple heat beds and other things i want to add. I plan on using this machine as more then just a printer. I also want to do PCB laser exposure and pick and place one day. I think you are right, it sounds like a hassle to sync 2 arduinos together to do the gcode calculations. I did have a look at othe controllers, i still may end up going down that road but i definitely still want to explore making my own. Anyone know much about ramps serial/usb communication protocols?

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