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need clarification on Sanguinololu and motors

Posted by shippo0708 
need clarification on Sanguinololu and motors
December 03, 2011 10:50PM
right now i have my steppers wired and working on a CNC controller board, I want to switch it for a Sanguinololu so i can reprap

the pinouts for the driver board i have currently is
A A- B B-

and i just got a Sanguinololu v1.2 and i want to make sure i have the motors right the first time as the crimp connectors are usually a one shot thing
Re: need clarification on Sanguinololu and motors
December 04, 2011 02:29AM
The Sanguinololu connections are the same as your current driver board >> A A- B B-

Do remember to set up the current on your Pololu boards to 0.4 v on the wiper of the Pololu pot.

Note: you can set up the Pololu pot voltage with out having the main motor supply (12v) connected when the Sanguinololu is just being powered by its USB connection. This is the safest way to set the Pololu boards up.

If you are using the StepStick 4988 version of the stepper boards these boards are already limited to a maximum of 1A by the Current sense resistor used in the StepStick design.

Be sure it is a StepStick as someone on EBay was/is selling Pololu boards Labelled as StepStick, I bought some.
I prefer the StepStick with its inbuilt 1A current limit ~ though its not so good if you need more than 1A for your Steeper motors.

There is yet another version on EBay labelled Pololu/Stepstick this uses yet another of the Allegro ICs the A4984.

The Allegro A4984. can only micro-step at a maximum of 8 x the normal stepper steps compared to the usual 16 x that you get with either Pololu or Stepstick.

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Re: need clarification on Sanguinololu and motors
December 04, 2011 05:22PM
i was told the drivers are stepsticks... the listing is [cgi.ebay.co.uk]

on this Sanguinololu the motor pins are : 1B 1A 2A 2B -_-
Re: need clarification on Sanguinololu and motors
December 04, 2011 09:24PM
i guess i actually need to get a host software i can actually use... i wish i could use replicatorG since i know how to use it but the recommended was pronterface and i can't find how to make ReplicatorG see the board right so i guess ill have to tinker with that
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