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How to change a pin on the Gen 6 board running Marlin.

Posted by Nerv 
How to change a pin on the Gen 6 board running Marlin.
April 18, 2012 05:11PM
Hi Camiel,

My name is Jan Geloen and I live in Belgium. Recently I started building my Prusa printer and got it printing. Since I used 20 Volts to power the generation 6 board my hotend power ressistor failed quickly. I replaced the ressistor and I had the idea to drive a relais with the board heater output so I could use a seperate power supply to power my hotend.

But when I installed a relais I think I fried the output pin on the atmega. (because of a spike "tegen EMK" in dutch ? ) The indicator led is not functioning any more and the output isn't powered when I send a Heater command.

Then I thought of using another pin on the atmega that i'm nog using to drive the heater. I rewired the board ( a few small tweaks) so pin 14 (RS485RE or the PD5 pin) of the atmega is now connected to were pin 15 (Heater or PD6 pin) was connected to.

When i add a bit of code where I set pin 14 manually high I can switch on the heater indicator led so I know my rewiring is working.

Now I want to change the program (I'm running the latest marlin release) so the program switches pin 14 when it normally switches pin 15.

I went into the pins.h file and flipped these:

#define HEATER_0_PIN 13
#define RX_ENABLE_PIN 14

so they read

#define HEATER_0_PIN 14
#define RX_ENABLE_PIN 13

(I checked the numbers in the Sd2PinMap.h file)

but when I upload the changed program to the board the led stays dark when I send a heat command...

Can you help me with changing the Marlin program to change the heater pin??



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