Correct wiring sequence.
March 04, 2013 03:07AM
Please could you help me with the correct wiring sequence for my Sanguinololu and Nema 17 Motors.

One Reprap build shows the E & Z Axis ( Red,blue,green,black.) and Y& X axis ( Black,green,blue,Red )

The the other diagram shows that ALL Nema 17 motors as ( Red,Blue,Green,Black )
Is there is a reason that they different ?

Reprap Wiring 1


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Re: Correct wiring sequence.
March 04, 2013 08:42AM
Bipolar motors are funny like that. Once you have identified the correct pairs, there are 8 possible ways of connecting the pairs. 4 of those go clockwise, the other 4 go counter-clockwise.

The actual color order used can therefore seem somewhat arbitrary. (Of course, "clockwise" is ambiguous, depending on which face of the motor you look at).

But, when you have established what color sequence is "clockwise" on your system, you can use that pattern to set the rest of the motors. If a motor goes the wrong way, it is easy to reverse by swapping one of the pairs, or reversing the whole connector by 180 deg if the connector is unpolarised.
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