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Did my motherboard die on first try? angry smiley

Posted by miserovitch 
Did my motherboard die on first try? angry smiley
February 16, 2014 05:56AM
Hello guys,

Quick presentation, I am 32, French and live currently in Shanghai.
Hobbies: Marine tank, remote control helicopter (TREX600 nitro), DIY stuff (arduino for aquarium) and new comer in 3D printing world.

I just finished today my Mendel with Melzi board. I did my firs component (a plastic foot for the couch, to justify the 3d printer to my wife).

When i wanted to do next component i had an issue,
My Z axis only go in one direction, the end stop sensor status is always High even if the sensor is disconnected to the board.

I exchange the end stop sensor between axis and for Z axis it is always detected as High.

Have you ever heard this issue? Is my motherboard dead on first day (such a shame)?

Thanks for your help

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