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Fried Sanguinololu? I shorted pins....

Posted by brandxtc 
Fried Sanguinololu? I shorted pins....
February 25, 2014 03:29AM
Hey all,
This will be one of my first posts. I've had my rep-rap running for over a year. Loving every second of it. I'm using it to prototype new products at work even.
I decided to do a quick breakdown, clean and rebuild to just keep it clean. I have my sanguinololu sitting below one of my z carriages, in removing the x motor, i dropped a nut onto my sanguinololu. (I had the damn thing on for my LED lights which are driven by my power supply, like an idiot.)

As if by slow motion in a terrible movie, I watched the nut fall down onto the header pins of my board. It landed and stuck between the 12V and 5V1 pins. I heard a *pop* saw a bit of smoke, my PC re-started (connected of course....FML) and my power-supply tripped. (Also blew my Wireless N USB Stick)

After having a few beers, swearing for an hour or so and writing my feelings in a journal while having a good cry, I decided to pop back on the PS.

With the PS on, the LED does NOT light, however if I plug in the USB it does. The FTDI must be working because I can "talk" to the printer sending commands, even flashing the rom, however, no motion. In my experience a bit of smoke is usually a capacitor that popped. It was coming from the C7-C8 area. My assumption is I basically removed the DC power supply from the printer in whatever blew.

I don't have a capacitor meter and did some cursory checking with my multi-meter, checking resistance, board un-powered. I checked C8 and the resistance was nearly gone, I decided to check all the 0.1uF caps... all read nearly 0 resistance. However, C7 is reading high resistance. ~40kOhm. So I figure, I'll replace C7 and see if it comes back to life. However, my electronics experience is limited and I have a few questions for the more tech savvy.

What are the chances that I blew the Drivers or Motors?

Am I right in assuming the FTDI and ATMega are ok?

Is it possible that the sanginololu thinks the reset button is "down" all the time from the USB forward? (I.E. disconnecting power?)

I figure, worse case, I'll buy another sanguin w/o drivers, pre-assembled, $70 lesson learned.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Re: Fried Sanguinololu? I shorted pins....
March 01, 2014 05:08AM
If you plug it in via USB, there isnt enough power to move steppers etc, it only provides 5v.

It sounds like you have at least toasted the 5v regulator, first thing is to replace that. (and maybe c5 if its open cct)
Then with 12v applied the led should light...

crossing 12v onto 5v is always bad... It can damage every 5v device on the board.
Re: Fried Sanguinololu? I shorted pins....
March 14, 2014 03:03PM
Thanks Dust!

Working with exposed boards is always fun... it's like working with a cobra. smiling smiley

I still haven't tried to fix it. Though this weekend I plan to do some in depth Troubleshooting. I'm going to trace the 5V and replace as needed.
Re: Fried Sanguinololu? I shorted pins....
March 18, 2014 04:01AM
I was wondering, see if you short the 12V with 5V the FTDI will blew away, so you cannot talk to your chip!
I have fried my Sanguinlolu1.3a in the same way, but the story of shorting 5V and 12V is different

I replaced FTDI
It seems it doesn't work may be the atmega in the board fried too ???

I have a spare board so I replaced it !

Enjoy life smiling smiley
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