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RepRapPro Huxley (Sanguinololu) + LCD SainSmart Problem

Posted by MaxTex 
RepRapPro Huxley (Sanguinololu) + LCD SainSmart Problem
January 01, 2016 03:42AM

I wanted to connect the SainSmart 2004 Smart LCD Controller to my RepRapPro Huxley.

My problem is, that one pin is used. It´s the bed heater control.
(This pin is labelled D10: it has a 5V signal when the hot bed needs to heat up, otherwise 0V).

What do I have to do to run my Huxley without this D10 pin?
Or can I change it to a free pin? (Didn´t find a free pin)

Thx LG MaxTex
Re: RepRapPro Huxley (Sanguinololu) + LCD SainSmart Problem
January 01, 2016 05:26AM
OK..weird design...

It looks like they have opted not to use the heated bed mosfet but instead use D10 to control a separate heated bed mosfet on its own board.. (probably to avoid issue with low quality mosfets and poor connector choices on the SL)

If it was me, I would take the wire that currently goes to d10 and solder it to the to the gate pin of the unused mosfet, this effectively moves it from D10 to D14
(this is the pin right above the label Q2 in this image
You can remove Q2 if you like, or leave it, it wont make any difference)

You then have to update your firmware with this new pin in your pins.h file.

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