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Height of printed part is short +(Is it possible to supply a 20a current to the board without the heating bed? )

Posted by booboo4641 
hi everyone

I made this 3d printer myself.(https://www.instructables.com/id/Cherry-60-3D-Printer/)
I used the ender3/ender5 board (used) to make it work.
Currently, I used nema17 motor on x and y axis and 28Byj-48 motor on z axis
but, when printed (xyz 20mm cube), the printed one is much lower.
However, the Stepps/mm has been modified to 4000 but still does not function as it is in the on-going firmware.

I also use the 12v 2.5a adapter temporarily now, but it is often turned off, so I have to change it.
So I want to buy a power supply over 12v 20a for most printers. However, since most of the current is used in heating beds, we are concerned that it is OK to use without heating beds.

Please help me solve these problems.
(The sentence may be strange because the translator was used.)

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... when using separate solid-state-relays (e.g. power-MOSFETS), then you can switch any current with the 3.3V or 5V I/O-pins of your board without damaging it ...

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Current is pulled not pushed. You always need a power supply that has more current than is needed. So having a 20A supply on your system without a bed is fine.

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