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Posted by atavus 
November 10, 2014 04:53PM
My dog ate my Dualshock 3 wireless controller for PS3, so I salvaged the joysticks. They are made by ALPS. They appear to be similar to their RKJXV1224005 joystick, except that each potentiometer has 4 leads instead of 3. I have tried measuring the resistance between the leads to figure out which one is the wiper, but my tests were inconclusive. Do any of you have a datasheet for these joysticks?
Re: Joysticks
December 21, 2014 02:37AM
Are your 4-pin "potentiometers" maybe actually hall effect sensors like the ones described at
"Let's Make Robots: Using analgo sticks from a broken controller" ?

p.s.: Have you seen the teardowns at iFixit: DualShock 3 Repair guide and Playstation Community: SixAxis and Dual Shock 3 teardown ?
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