Circuit for IRLB3034
March 08, 2017 09:38PM
I brought an heatedbed from ali and seller say that it would work for 12v and 24v, with same PAD`s. I tried to use with 12v, but it`s unsuable (300x300mm bed) and I`m using with 24v with relay (automotive). Now, I`ll try to use mosfet and I have some irlb3034 here, so I would like to ask if someone have any circuit/wiring to use this mosfet with heatedbed?

Using relay is not cool (not using PWM) and my powersupply get`s very hot during initial heating (I didn`t measured impedance of my bed, but I think its very low), this is one of 'why' I would like to use mosfet with limited PWM.
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