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HP DPS-750 RB pinout power supply

Posted by Zorac 
HP DPS-750 RB pinout power supply
June 24, 2017 10:42AM
Anyone have experience with this power supply? All these common slot HP PSUs seem to have a bit of a different need (or at least the guides are all a little different) to get them to power up and I can't find any explanations. I connected the two pads in question with a 820ohm resister, and it wouldn't fire up, then with a 330ohm resistor and it would work, but it would reset after running with a load for 30min or so, which sucks in a middle of a print job. then tried a straight up jumper (no resistance) and its been fine. it still gets pretty warm, probably the limit of being able to hold your hand on it, i would guess about 50*C, and the fan never ramps up. I would like to understand the logic of the resistor and if there is a better way of doing this.

not mine, but you get the idea:
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