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fluorescein 3D

Posted by johnrpm 
fluorescein 3D
March 31, 2011 05:39PM
I was looking at some fluorescein fluid, it has some interesting properties, with a few drops in water and illuminated with white light it seems to reflect the light, I tried uv light and it works well, red laser had no effect, but a green laser resulted in a thin pencil line that tapered to a point, the length of the line depends on the power of the laser.

So what if the laser was modulated, whilst being raster scanned, into a box screen containing the liquid fluorescein , it may just produce a 3d image??????, maybe not full 3D but 2.5D.

Here is yet another one of my truly rubbish videos

laser in fluoroescein from johnrpm on Vimeo.

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