Need help designing a workshop lamp
February 25, 2018 01:26PM
So I want to build a small and thin workshop lamp I could use when working on my car. The idea is to use multiple SMD LEDs so that the lamp is as thin as possible. I will print a base where the batteries are going to be and a flexible arm where I intend to put the LEDs so that it looks more or less like this:

However, I am having huge problems choosing the proper LEDs. My goal is about 600lm for at least 4 hours at 100% power while keeping the project as cheap as possible.

As far as batteries are concerned I was thinking of using two 3,7V type 18650 batteries with the highest capacity I can find, so for example something like this: []

But what about the LEDs?
If we assume that the information from the chinese vendors is correct, I could use something like this:

12 LEDs like this would result in about 600lm and the total current would be about 1800mA. If the actual capacity of the batteries above is anywhere near the nominal value two batteries would be more than enough to power the LEDs for a few hours.

What do you think? Maybe there is a better choice of LEDs that yield more lm while having a lower power consumption.

Now the second question: The voltage is going to vary according to the charge level of the battery (I guess between 3,5 and 4,2V). Is there a suitable voltage regulator I can use to make sure I get 3,2V accross the LEDs? Or should I use other batteries with higher voltage so that there is a bigger difference between the source and target voltages?

Thanks for the help smiling smiley

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