Want to build a Ramps FD v2.3... is my BOM good enough?
July 20, 2018 03:28PM
I downloaded the board files from here: [github.com]

while they are not tested yet i want to take the plunge and build at least one board for my current printer

i have spent quite some time on getting a BOM together with mouser part numbers and prices


i have used gold plated pins etc where it was possible to lower the contact resistance which is the enemy here

for the big fets i picked one with as low ON resistance i could find, they cost more yes but run cooler

i'm not so much after lower prices here, but more parts that are up to the task and then some extra

suggestion for better parts that fit the same footprints is what i'm after.

keep it civil and constructive

the board itself: if you can see clear errors etc please direct your comments to @bobc
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