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RuRAMPS4D a new board for 3D printer and Arduino DUE

Posted by svs072477 
RuRAMPS4D a new board for 3D printer and Arduino DUE
July 22, 2018 09:21AM
A new Board for 3D printer and arduino due from Russia.
The Board is already on sale and is shipped worldwide. Delivery is already included in the price.
Key board features:
  • Possibility to use TMC2130 in SPI mode without wires. The SPI bus is already connected to the drivers on the PCB.
  • 12-26V DC power supply;
  • Number of installed drivers for form factor Pololu — 6;
  • The total number of outputs for connection to the load via the MOSFET — 7;
  • Outputs for connection of hotends— 3;
  • Low-power outputs for connection of controlled fans – 2;
  • Outputs for connection of Heated Bed or Chamber heater (powerful IRL1404 installed). When connecting 2 MK2b tables to one channel — cold) – you can connect large tables, two-zone table from Cheap3D, or several simultaneously;
  • Inputs for connection of thermistors – 5;
  • Outputs for servo connection – 2;
  • Possibility to connect external 5V power supply for servos;
  • A connector for connecting the wifi module ESP8266-01;
  • Ability to connect external 3.3 V power for WiFi module ESP8266;
  • EEPROM chip;
  • The displays the RepRap Discount Controller series connect to board without the adapter;
    Separate connector for MKS TFT and Nextion displays;
  • Optional amplifiers for connection of 2 K-type thermocouples are installed.
Re: RuRAMPS4D a new board for 3D printer and Arduino DUE
July 23, 2018 11:33AM
is it open source?

EDIT: you might want to translate the documentaion section to english :-D i picked documentation and then us flag and it was still in russian

it could be nice to the able to study the schematics also

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