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Custom board with tmc2130

Posted by jgo9410uk 
Custom board with tmc2130
July 18, 2019 01:22PM
I have just finished poulating a custom 3D printer board. It hosts 5 TMC2130's and runs off of an ATMEGA2560. I am having a couple of issues that I thought i might get some help with on here. Basically the TMC 2130's are not working. I have them connected up and i am getting an SPI connection but no movement. I have checked the enable pin and it is behaving correctly. I have checked the step pin and as far as i can tell its pulsing (although im using a hand held VM so all i can see is the meter jumping when it should be stepping). Unfortunately i am getting no voltage change at any of the motor outputs and there seems to be no movement. Any assistance would be appreciated. I can provide more specifics if required.
Re: Custom board with tmc2130
July 20, 2019 08:55PM
Is current possibly set far too low?
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