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Anet 32-bit Replacement board design

Posted by DocRaptor 
Anet 32-bit Replacement board design
February 23, 2020 06:39AM
I currently design some boards (one of them is this here: [reprap.org]) and one of them is a 32bit replacement-board for anet style printers. It has a stm32f103ret and socketed driver. It will mostly a drop-in replacement for the old board on anet printers and with custom mounts and enough space also for other printers with an 8-bit board. In the moment I work on the pcb-layout but I upload the schematic in pdf form, so that you guys and girl see it and see if I have overlooked something.
open | download - controller.pdf (129.4 KB)
Re: Anet 32-bit Replacement board design
February 25, 2020 07:05PM
I uploaded the pcb-files to github now (https://github.com/Doc-Raptor/dragon_controller). During routing the traces on the board I saw that it would be simpler to rotate the mcu 180°, but I didn't because I was in the middle of routing so I will leave it for a later board-revision.
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