3D printer controller board for external microcontroller and development
January 12, 2021 03:39PM
Hi everyone, I designed a board, which is more of break-out-board than controller. It has two 40 pin connectors (2x20 pin rows) (and a 2 pin header from the power input), so that ide cables can be used to connect it to a mcu (or to plug in board with a mcu on it). It can be used for developing your own boards. It is not tested now.
It has a lm2575, so it can handle 36v.
Everything is trough-hole (exept the 3.3v regulator)
1K resistors for TMC UART.
Mini ato fuse holder.
Four sockets for stepper drivers.
Three mosfet.
Six endstop headers
Two thermistor headers
headers for extra IO to be used for more steppers, mosfets, thermistors and more.


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