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stepper motor 17hs0002-11

Posted by raranjbar 
stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 10, 2014 03:36PM
I dont know that how much is VOLTAGE this model of stepper motor, anyone can tell to me ?

[www.huaning.com] >>> model 17hs0002-11

Can i use this motor with ramps?
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 10, 2014 09:27PM
Simple multiplication: Voltage = Resistance * Current = phase resistance 30 ohms * rated current 0.4A => 30ohms*0.4amps = 12V

You could try use that motor, but will not perform that good because its type of high inductance / high resistance so you will get low torque at high speeds.

You could be better off with the motor types that have 3.2-3.3-4.2 ohms phase resistance, because those will then have lower inductance. Lower inductance is better torque at high speeds.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 11, 2014 02:08AM
Thanks NoobMan

But i use A4988 / DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current that it operates from 8.2 – 45 V [www.pololu.com] . I use ramps1.4 for 3d dlp printer.I think that i dont need high speed for this 3d printer type .Do i tell true?

Which stepper motor can i select in this sites [roboeq.ir] and [iran-micro.com] and [www.iranelectromotor.com] ?

Can i use stepper motor 0.9 angle ?

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Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 11, 2014 07:37AM
"High" speed is a relative term, but what is low or normal speed for other type of motors, for stepper motors would be high speed, so i guess you do need that. Because you do want your motors to still have torque at speed. Otherwise you run into problems with speed and accelerations.

You can use any angle, you only need to configure in firmware accordingly. Best types to choose would be those that have 1-2-3-4-(5max) ohms coil resistance and (min1-1.2A)-1.5-2.0-2.5A current. Especially if you plan to use 12v power supply.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 11, 2014 05:58PM
I use 12v power supply with 5 ampers.
I decide that use this stepper motor.
model 42D4002
2.9 V
1.2 A
2.41 ohm

Is that suitable for DRV8825?
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 12, 2014 12:51AM
Yes that should be ok. With the note that 1.2A is more of a minimum, something like 1.5-2.0A would be sort of better. Although in practice with the pot on the driver will probably adjust current peak to somewhere about 0.7-1.0A.
The power supply of 5A might be inadequate if you want to run 5 steppers and also microcontroller, and other peripherals, it may just not be enough, so dunno about that one.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 12, 2014 02:36AM
I think this is better
model J SERVO

2.1 ohm

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Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 12, 2014 04:53AM
Yup this one seems slightly better, so it should do.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 12, 2014 06:43AM
I think this is better
model J SERVO A42K

2.1 ohm
I forget holding torque, holding torque is 5 kg.cm.

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Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 12, 2014 11:13AM
As a matter of preference, i choose to overlook all that torque bs, its much less relevant than what it appears to be. First off, depends on which conditions that said torque is measured, some manufacturers say "constant current" while others will give a voltage and rpm, to mimic conditions in practice, etc, so the methods to measure that can differ. I think it depends on manufacturer how it wants to present or inflate its torque numbers, and these different measurement methodologies seem to me a little obscure. On the other hand, we know torque will drop off with increasing rpm, so its actually not a fixed number, but it decreases and the limits depend on how fast you set your machine to move. Also as matter of fact, you will have a pot on driver that adjusts the peak current and that is actually meant for the purpose to adjust the torque.

So exactly which torque number you will have at the end, probably nobody will know. But that will change at speed. And to overcome all that, you will manually set the pot at a good point for your machine, that it something you have to do anyway. So that initial datasheet number does not really mean much in the end. Perhaps eventually if you try compare motors made by same manufacturer only. But generally speaking instead comparing torque you might be better off comparing inductance, where a lower inductance would indicate better torque and specifically better torque preservation at increase in speed. That would be almost same thing with comparing torques directly. Other ppls may disagree, but well, this just the way i see it.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 17, 2014 05:10AM
Finally i buy stepper motor.
This is its featuers.
1.7 A
4.08 v
12v 5 A power supply also i can use 12V 2.5 A


I want to set voltage by pot. How much do I adjust the voltage?

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Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 17, 2014 01:10PM
Assuming this is your driver, on that page scroll down and it is written "Current Limit = VREF × 2". So start with 0.8A peak, that means Vref=0.4V. It should have enough torque like that, but if it does not then you can increase to 1A. For increasing setting watch the driver temperature and heatsink if possible.

In relation to psu, if you have one arduino mega i guess that should be budgeted to like 1A, and 4 drivers perhaps budget 1A each. Meaning the psu of 5A may run near the limit, but perhaps manageable. Even if it has 5A label does not mean it will provide 5A exactly, or maybe it does but will be running very hot. So you will have to test and see. But the other psu with 2,5A seems like its not enough. I assume you dont need extruder or anything else, otherwise you need to budget current for that also, and then 5A will not suffice.
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 17, 2014 05:23PM
My stepper motor current is 1.7A so Current Limit = VREF × 2 ==> VREF=0.850 V is that right?
Re: stepper motor 17hs0002-11
March 17, 2014 06:31PM
Nop, not like that.

The 1.7A label on the motor is a maximum, not something you want to have. Also the drivers have a current rating which is also a max, again not good have. That pot on the driver that adjusts vref is the way driver sets working current peak in the coil. And that vref setting is to be lower than each other maximums driver and motor, much below those. With pololu type drivers you should be ok with 0.8 a for a start. Maybe even lower while you do initial testing without any load. The point is to adjust the current to a minimum level where you mechanics still work, not to the maximum, which will get things unnecessarily heated up. Because the bigger idea is to be efficient and not waste any more than it is needed.
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