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Keling 23H51-24-08B Stepper Motor Question

Posted by tangeray 
Hey all,

I have a weird situation with my stepper motors. I have 3 Keling 23H51-24-08B stepper motors. The spec sheet says these are 1.8's with 200 steps per rotation. The wiring diagram in the specs says to wire it as : blue, Green, Brown , White and splicing red/yellow, black/orange together.

When I wire it up this way, the motor doesnt seem to turn, it jitters and has 0 torque. I multimeteted the leads to try and discover the leads and found that when i wire it as : Blu, Whit, Grn ,Red and splicing orange/black and brown/yellow. The things seem to move fast! with great torque and smooth sounding aswell.

How can this be? is the data sheet wrong on all these stepper motors? Any input might be helpful. Im also using v1.2 SMD's from makerbot to power them and they seem to work excellent. It moves 100mm in just under 4 seconds.

Re: Keling 23H51-24-08B Stepper Motor Question
March 23, 2010 03:42PM

They show both the Bipolar Series connection:

A+ Blue (coil) Red - Yellow (coil) Green A-
B+ Brown (coil) Black - Orange (coil) White B-

And the Bipolar Parallel connection:

A+ Blue/Yellow (coils) Red/Green A-
B+ Brown/Orange (coils) Black/White B-

I don't know why their diagrams don't match the arrangement that works for you.
Re: Keling 23H51-24-08B Stepper Motor Question
March 23, 2010 08:27PM
Somewhere else on the forum someone else said (great citation there!) that the stepper manufactures often just use whatever wire they have on hand. Sometimes even changing wire colors in the MIDDLE OF A BATCH! Never mind keeping the wire colors the same for a model, they'll not even keep it the same for the same batch of the same model!

This fun little factoid totally blew my mind.

The upshot is that you always have to meter your steppers. Or touch wires together until the stepper becomes harder to turn by hand, that'll indicate a pair too. So you don't even need a meter.

I'm building it with Baling Wire
Re: Keling 23H51-24-08B Stepper Motor Question
March 25, 2010 08:01PM
Can't see this motor mentioned on the Stepper Motors page on the wiki. Any chance of adding some details, including where you got it from?

Re: Keling 23H51-24-08B Stepper Motor Question
March 30, 2010 11:40AM
The notes that I use on that motor tell me that to run it in bipolor mode.
I need to join orange and black together and join red and yellow together.
The wiring then becomes Blue (A), Brown (cool smiley, Green (A|), White (B|)

I've never had Keling send me a motor with the wrong wire colors on it, but
there is always a first time.

Wire it up. If it jitters then you probably have one or more coil wires connected to the wrong output of the motor controller.
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