Help Me Please
November 27, 2015 06:43AM
i just found this two steppers, can i use this for 3d printer ?
NEMA 17 - Model: KH42JM2B247
Re: Help Me Please
November 27, 2015 08:20AM
I found this data for them:


Length / Width / Height / 42/42/39
dł.ośki 15mm fi 5mm
weight approx 0,35kg
current of 1.2A
voltage 2,64V
0.38 Nm torque
axle gear belt with a diameter of 13,4mm and 10mm wide working area
6 wires output

You will need to either remove the pulley, or find a compatible belt. But apart from that, those motors are suitable for a 3D printer.

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