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Motorcontrollers needing 5v, and RADDS 1.5 giving 3.3v

Posted by Exinferis 
Motorcontrollers needing 5v, and RADDS 1.5 giving 3.3v
April 18, 2016 12:57PM

so im building a printer with Udoo QUAD, RADDS 1.5 and some other goodies. Been dry testing everything all over my office, and ive got everthing working.
And then i got to the larger drivers im gonna be using for my X-Axis, and Z-Axis motors. These are fairly powerful nema 23 motors that require an external driver. Namely KL-5056 and KL-4040.
These require 5v signal input, but the radds only give out 3.3v as far as i know.

So my question is, do anyone have any experience in this?

Ive been reading about something called a Logic Level Converter from sparkfun.com which sounds promising. But im still abit unsure of the wiring, anyone have any tips? smiling smiley

I just realized this is in the wrong section of the forum, and i cant find a delete button yawning smiley
any chance a admin can move it?

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