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Choice between two steppers

Posted by jonawald 
Choice between two steppers
May 12, 2016 12:03AM
Hi there. I am beginning a new delta build. After a lot of research and thinking, I designed my delta using Fusion360 and went ahead and bought all the components I need on Ebay. In the mean time. i got a hold of a Canon photo copier. In this copier I found 5 Minebea Nema 17 steppers. Now I have the five Sainsmart Nema 17 steppers I bought from Sainsmart and these five. Which are the best to use for my printer?

From my research the sainsmart seem to have a little bit more torque, but the Minebea steppers are rated for higher amps. I am unclear no which is better. I'm guessing the Minebea will do better at high speeds because of the higher amps. (Educated guess after reading a bunch of topics on choosing steppers. The Minebeas also have nice isolation mounts on them. I have found some really good reviews on these mounts regarding their use in 3D printers.

Any help will be appreciated. I will be posting more questions and probably a build thread as my build progresses.

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