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interesting quirks with feedrate and new motor drivers.

Posted by mrsour 
interesting quirks with feedrate and new motor drivers.
June 07, 2016 04:13PM
As my printer nears completion one thing i can't seem to nail down is the motors/drivers. I'm currently running some updated tb6600 drivers(same thing but with 1/32 microstepping) at the current the motor manufacturer specify in there spec sheet. they seem to start (accelerate) just fine and get upto speed without stalling but when they decelerate the motors abruptly stop/jar 3-5 times before coming to a halt (using CONFIG_STEPPERS_TOSHIBA config in marlin). so i turned CONFIG_STEPPERS_TOSHIBA off and the drivers work smoothly but they can't get anywhere near the speeds i was previously achieving im trying to figure out if its somthing wrong with the driver or the code. I've tried every driver that can fit in the ramps socket(except the low current one) to no avail before getting to this point any help would be appreciated to get it running at full strength.

my printer uses nema 23 motors rated for 2.1 amps with 7mH of inductance
the drivers are 4 amp toshiba tb6600 set to 2amps

my feedrate in my firmware is 25mm/s and my acceleration is at 100mm/s^2 my slicer is set to 100mm/s and all I can tell is it does faster then 25mm/s but i doubt its getting all the way upto 100 if i set the firmware to 40mm/s my motors stall and layers shift
my prints turn out okay just slowly.

I have also tried ti drv8825, pololu allegro 4988, and ti drv 8880 but they either made the motors run extremely loud or stalled when they reached any acceptable speed (the 4988 worked identical in the configuration i have the toshiba drivers in right now).

any help would really go a long way I feel like i've tried it all to get this printer running and am fresh out of ideas.
Re: interesting quirks with feedrate and new motor drivers.
June 08, 2016 10:39AM
solved my own issue opened up the motor found out it has some corrosion on the inside so to make it move i had to have such abnormal settings swapped in a different motor and put the setting back closer to defaults and it runs fine.
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