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External Drivers and Ramps

Posted by Jellypowered 
External Drivers and Ramps
February 23, 2017 03:54PM
Ok... Quick question hopefully I can figure out how to word this properly.

I have ramps, I want to use external drivers.

Both ramps and the external drivers have jumper settings for microsteps.

Which scenario is correct?

1. Ramps Jumpers set to full step, external driver set to 1/8th (what i want to run)

2. Ramps jumpers to 1/8 external 1/8.

3. Ramps no jumpers (open) and use external jumpers to set?

Then, Firmware. I'm assuming once I have my jumper settings figured out, I can just adjust my "steps per mm" to make it come out correct?

Thank you all!
Re: External Drivers and Ramps
February 23, 2017 07:40PM
With external drivers, the micro stepping jumpers on the ramps are not used

You can set the ramps jumpers how ever you like, all on, all off, mixed, they will be ignored.

This is presuming your external drivers are just use the step, direction and enable lines.

Re firmware: yes, if your not using eeprom setting. As eeprom setting will over ride the firmware settings.
Re: External Drivers and Ramps
February 23, 2017 09:35PM
Ok cool, I had a feeling since the pololu breakout boards I designed don't use the M0,m1,m2 that the jumpers on the ramps board wouldn't do anything. Thank you for confirming it!
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