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TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?

Posted by jininjin 
TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
March 21, 2017 08:18PM
Can I use the TMC2100 on a Mightyboard if I reconfigure the pins? Will the microstepping work and still be using the silent mode (stealthChop)?

I had one of my drivers fail and wondering if I can make my Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 model work a little more quiet...

Any thoughts on this?


Flashforge Creator Pro 2016

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Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
March 22, 2017 04:11AM
The pin assignment of the mightyboard socket is flipped. You could use almost any other pololu-stepstick compatible driver IF you are able to solder the pins in reversed direction.
With the TMCs you might be in trouble with their large heatsink. You'd have to find longer pins. The microstepping is simple, just leave all the CFG-pins untouched and you are in stealthchop mode.
Also a DRV8825 would be better off being cooled from the bottom side ( which would be the top side when prepared for the mightyboard )
Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
May 02, 2017 09:58PM
Sorry missed your post. Either Way I bought the drivers and installed them for X, Y and Z for now. I have yet to print anything ..will do this soon and post updates. I am using the drivers in spreadcycle mode since most recommended that mode to reduce chance of missed steps.
They are probably 1/3 the noise of the stock drivers. It has a small hiss to them but no where near the deeper sounds that come off regular drivers. It is slightly louder than the fan...

My new issue is that I am finding the Z axis is much louder. It's is very hissy while idle and has variable noise while moving up and down (still less noise than the regular drivers). Is this because the Z axis motor is different from the x and y? I am not sure why the Z axis would be any different from the rest since the motor specs appear to be very similar. I played with the pots but nothing seem to fix it...

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Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
May 03, 2017 01:47AM
I've noticed the TMC2100 create some resonance noise at certain speeds. Maybe you are running the z-stepper with such "bad" speed?
Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
May 04, 2017 12:02AM
I have yet to print anything so I am not really sure how it will sound. I am testing by jogging the z axis up and down and comparing this to x and y axis. It will be loud on certain steps but quiet on others. But in general sounds much louder.
My conclusion is to just swap out the z axis stepper motor since it is different from the others...

Support from Watterott suggested Stealthchop mode and refining the current but I am hesitant to do Stealth Chop mode since all reviews mention it is not suitable for 3d printing. I changed the current but it really didn't fix the issue.
Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
May 04, 2017 03:02AM
There is also a huge noise difference between 12V and 24V. But that'd be the same for all steppers.
I ran the drivers in stealthmode on my Prusa i3 a while and it worked quite well. But I had to crank up the current a lot and drivers and steppers got hot.
Re: TMC2100 (SilentStepStick) for Mightyboard?
May 04, 2017 08:39AM
Thanks. The board is using 24v power supply. I assumed the drivers are fed 24v but I have yet to check. FFCP is using a Mightyboard RevE.
I will need to do some tinkering to figure this out.
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