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Animatics Smart Motor sm2315d

Posted by jpt000 
Animatics Smart Motor sm2315d
March 27, 2017 08:14PM
Hello all,
These Animatics motors are stepper motors (NEMA23) that include controller, encoder and IO all in the same package. Apparently they are used in CNC and others.
I got my hands on a bunch of these motors from an obsolete machine in the lab. It sounds like the perfect motors for a really nice printer but I can't see a way to control them. Any ideas?
Re: Animatics Smart Motor sm2315d
March 28, 2017 04:19AM
Trade them in for some traditional steppers/drivers and whatelse you need. Maybe someone can use them as spare for an existing machine.
Re: Animatics Smart Motor sm2315d
March 28, 2017 10:30AM
Yeah, I'll try getting rid of them on ebay. They are quite expensive when new, but a bit of a niche! The first to go will hopefully pay my Duet Wifi!
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