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Motors & Cable management (current rating)

Posted by _Alexandre_ 
Motors & Cable management (current rating)
July 20, 2017 04:20AM
Hello, I'm new here : I ordered a Prusa i3 clone with all the kit to assemble by hand, and i have to say i'm pretty satisfied of the prints I did until now smiling smiley .

I want to organize the cables, because it's a nightmare . I planned to use a multi contact connector ( so male + Female) to assmble all . I found one, Wepiu WS28 24 pin ( Page 47 [www.weipuconnector.com] WS28,24 pin) , but the seller is telling me the whole connector is rated @ 5Apmeres ( so 5 divided by 24 == 0,2A per pin MAX), tell me if i'm wrong ? .

I looked up my motors and found they were 2 phases and 0,6 A per phase acording to this PDF [www.datasheetspdf.com] , but I'm not sure about the Phases and the A per phases ....

The motors are not the same on the PDF, but the series are the sames : 17HD4005 . The exact reference of my motors is 17HD4005-C5.18 ( [www.youtube.com] 2:28 of this video) .

I found another information according to this PDF : that curent is not the same as the other [www.ecet.cn] on this one Current is 0.5A idk if this is per phase or not .

I know i'ts 2 phases but is that 0.4 or 0.6 A per phase or the whole motor ?

I cant find any technical documentation on what is consumed by the motor i own sad smiley

My question is : will this WEIPU connector be able to handle all the phases by the motors ? I have another solution, such as using a DB-25 connector but i'm not able to find any datasheet for this type of connector . I mean for the rated current of the connector .

All help here would be greatly appreciated smiling smiley

TEVO Tarantula Prusa i3 Clone smiling smiley
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Re: Motors & Cable management (current rating)
July 22, 2017 12:54PM
I don't think anyone has settled on a multifunctional connector for 3d printing yet. A connector with some low current and some high current options would make sense.

The current per phase is for each set of coils of which there are two per motor so 0.6A per wire pair. If you look at the cables to stepper motors they're fairly insubstantial, standard dupont connectors are up for the job so unless you're thinking of using something smaller than that you should be okay.

Its heaters that pose the challenges when using ethernet cable or serial cable etc... You need to use multiple cores to meet the current rating and apparently this isn't good practice.


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Re: Motors & Cable management (current rating)
August 04, 2017 03:27AM
Hey, Thanks for the reply ! so i'ts 0.3A per wire . The whole connector will not be charged on all the wires, so it's Ok smiling smiley
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