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Stepper motor info & tuning

Posted by cwyse 
Stepper motor info & tuning
April 22, 2018 09:56AM

I recently purchased a Tronxy P802D printer version 1.6. It uses a Melzi 2.0 v5 controller board w/ an ATMega1284P.

I want to change the firmware from Repetier to Marlin, and am going over all the settings. In the process, I measured the voltage on the pots connected to the chips. I'm not sure what the correct values should be, but they weren't what I expected:

  • Sense resistors: R100 => 0.1 Ohm
  • Extruder Motor: Tronxy 42H4054-16 NEMA 17
    • Hybrid, 40 mm length, 54 N-cm Holding Torque, 1.6A
    • Step angle: 1.8 degree (200 steps per revolution)
    • Original Voltage: E: 0.972 V, 1.22 A
  • X/Y/Z-Axis: Tronxy 42H4062-23 NEMA 17
    • Hybrid, 40 mm length, 62 N-cm Holding Torque, 2.3A
    • Step angle: 1.8 degree (200 steps per revolution)
    • Original Voltage: X: 0.775 V, 0.969 A
    • Original Voltage: Y: 0.861 V, 1.08 A
    • Original Voltage: Z: 0.823 V, 1.03 A
  • 4 A4982 Stepper Motor Drivers
    • Inputs: MS1 - 5 V, MS2 - 5V => Sixteen Step Resolution, 4W1-2 Phase (value measured)

The first question is whether or not the motor specs are correct. It was somewhat of a guess based on the model number. The second question is how should the voltages be set? It seems like the X, Y & Z motors should all match. They're all set around 1 A, so maybe the 2.3A (from the -23) is incorrect.

Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I'd be interested in comments on whether or not the microstepping should be disabled.



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