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Extruder SNAFU

Posted by rflournoy 
Extruder SNAFU
February 09, 2020 01:08AM
Yesterday I changed the nozzle on the hotend as well as the feed tube that screws into the heater block from the extruder. The feed tube was a bit longer than the old one and filament clogged it when the print was complete. I changed it out with another one just like it, but it was getting dark and hard to see clearly. I screwed the feed tube to far into the extruder and hit the gear on the motor shaft causing it to click as it tried to turn. I turned it off, the the hotend apart again, adjusted the feed tube, and now the extruder motor doesn't turn. I've checked the wiring, switched it with another stepper, changed the RAMPS board, but nothing. An ideas???
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