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nema 17 stepper motor coils

Posted by catmandu 
nema 17 stepper motor coils
May 26, 2020 12:58PM
Hello, I'm just finishing building a large delta printer and came to wiring up the electronics when I came across this "problem". One of the tower steppers(all from the same manufacturer) is wired differently to the other two!! If you look at the 6 pin connector for the motor from the side showing the metal pins, pin 1 is wired, pin 2 is blank, pins 3 and 4 are wired, pin 5 blank and pin6 wired, same on all 3 motors. Now when I probe the plugs with a meter I find that 2 of the motors have pins 1 and 4 as a pair and 3 and 6 as a pair, but the third motor has 1 and 3 as a pair and 4 and 6 as a pair, Because I fitted the 4 pin plug myself all 3 are pin 1 and 2 paired, pin 3 and 4 paired as I believe they should be. I'm using a 32 bit board, so do not want to go further in case it might cause damage,
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