High Quality Parts in ABS or PLA.
July 31, 2012 04:58PM
I can print Parts in PLA or ABS for $10/hr. + Shipping. All materials included.

Part build envelope is 7x7x7in, ABS parts should be smaller then 5x5x5in to prevent warping issues, but there may be exceptions based on part geometry.

Layer heights of 0.125mm 0.17mm and 0.25mm are standard, as well as 100%, 33% and 10% Fill.

A variety of colors are available, and special colors may be possible with a minimum order quantity and additional lead time.

Most parts ship within 2 days of payment, and sometimes even same day.

I have well over a thousand hours of printing experience, and examples of my work can be found here

Send me a PM with the .stl file for a quote.

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Re: High Quality Parts in ABS or PLA.
March 05, 2013 08:07PM

I found your posting on the reprap forum, and would like to know if you're interested in becoming an official Print a Thing supplier?

Here is some information on what I have to offer you:


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I wish you all the best, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Doucette
Founder of printathing.com
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