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[Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed

Posted by GearheadRed 
[Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed
January 14, 2013 05:08PM
Looking to have parts printed for an Adapto build (http://reprap.org/wiki/Adapto)

Edit: Cleaned up the post and added more details/attached files. Determined an actual estimate for cost of printing.

I have attached a ZIP file including the STL files for all the parts I need printed, and a readme.txt that shows how many of each file to print, it should total up to be 29 pieces across 17 files.

If anyone is interested in the job please let me know, I am expecting around $75 to do it all, plus shipping but that can be negotiated.

Thank you,

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open | download - Adapto STL Files.zip (337.7 KB)
Re: [Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed
January 15, 2013 05:14PM

I can print these parts for you in ABS. I looked over the readme.txt. I generally print printer parts with 40% infill, and 95% infill for extruders and gears, all with 3 perimeters, which will be even stronger than specified in the readme.

Please use this form and then we can discuss the details: [www.busybotz.com]

Thank you for your consideration.

BusyBotz 3D Printing
Re: [Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed
January 16, 2013 09:23AM
I have sourced BusyBotz to print the parts. Thanks to everyone for looking.

I will post a reply with some pics of the finished parts once I have received them likely some time mid-end of next week. Thus far BusyBotz has been very quick to respond to any/all questions and quite detailed in responses.

Re: [Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed
February 04, 2013 06:34PM
Sorry all for the delay in posting back to this thread, I became far too destracted trying to build the actual machine.

The parts from BusyBotz.com came in very quickly, actually a day or so ahead of the actual tracking delivery date. They even came with a complementary mint spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Im including the url to my build album for your own review of the parts here however so far I have been very satified with the parts. They required extremely little by means of cleanup, and a good sharp x-acto knife made very quick work of cleanup where it was needed. The parts them selves seem quite dense with very good layer adhesion. I have a tendency to over-torque a lot when bolting things together and they have stood up very well to everything I have put them through.

The communication remained extremely good on the part of BusyBotz.com through the entire process. Mitch actually just followed up with me today, reminding me to get back on here smiling smiley (thanks for the followup btw).

All in all, very satisfied with both the parts produced, and the extremely quick responses from the company as well(including returning an email within around 10 minutes of me responding around 12am EST one night).

If anyone has any specific requests for pictures of parts or wants more clarification on stuff just let me know, Im watching this more closely now that Ive gotten more of the actual machine built.


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Re: [Lansing, MI, USA] Need Adapto Parts printed
February 05, 2013 12:29AM
OT: I'm in Lansing also and in the process of putting together a MM kit from Blomker.. Interesting to hear about another 3D printer in the area! smiling smiley

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