Need Prototype Parts Printed
February 10, 2015 01:58AM
I am looking for someone who has the ability to print relatively large (roughly 170 L x 90 W x 65 H) parts in ABS without ANY curling. The prints are not difficult and would not require especially high resolution printing. I plan to sand down the outsides of the parts anyway, so as long as the dimensions come out correctly I would be happy. I will need about 9 parts total, and they may take 5-10 hours to print depending on the setup used. I have looked into 3d printing services, but they are far too expensive. I am hoping to find someone who is willing to work a deal either on cost or print if I provide the material at a discounted rate. I would also be open to trading future printing services if that would interest anyone. My current printer is down, or I would print the parts myself.

The parts are being used in a prototype design and would need to be kept private and printed only for me at this time. I am hoping for grey, red, or black ABS if possible. Please message me if you have serious interest. Example prints you have completed to show capabilities would be a huge plus.

Thanks for the help!!!
Re: Need Prototype Parts Printed
February 27, 2015 12:43PM
I don't print in ABS, but try You should find pretty reasonable prices there and I'm sure there is someone who will print in ABS.
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