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2019 is help a n00b year

Posted by Ranzid 
2019 is help a n00b year
January 28, 2019 01:48PM
Hi there ,

So after searching for local groups and support and finding pretty much nothing I am finally giving up and asking for help.

Im quite new at 3d printing but had churned out a good lot of prints on my new anycubic i3 mega until a "gift" from a friend in the form of unbranded pla killed not only my first hotend but my replacment hot end, so after failing miserably to fix the original 2 hotends I figured why not just get an e3d v6 upgrade as everyone seems to rave about .. so yeah its pretty much all installed but then to my horror I discovered a critical error on my part , I had not taken into account the height of the e3d v6 compared to the standard anycubic one.

So long story short my e3d v6 needs some extra parts for me to actually use it and catch 22 is I need the printer to print the parts to get the printer to print. fun times eh?

there are 2 small parts that need to be in abs so I can finally get back in the game , if anyone can help I would be eternally grateful and if I need to pay for it then so be it .

so yea help a n00b out so I can get my printer running again.


Re: 2019 is help a n00b year
January 29, 2019 12:49AM
How about identifying what part of the world you live in?

And what parts you need, so people can see if its a 5 minute print or 3 days job.

Also are you aware that a lot of libraries around the world now have 3d printers and a printing service? (on top of hacker spaces, maker spaces etc)

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Re: 2019 is help a n00b year
February 12, 2019 03:03PM
sorry about that im in NC usa

Ive looked into library and hacker spaces but the only one anywhere near me closed down over a year ago sadly

the parts I need should be maybe a couple of hours tops all I need is the mounting brackets - [www.thingiverse.com]

thanks for that I didn't realize i had left so much out
Re: 2019 is help a n00b year
February 19, 2019 04:19PM
Why do they have to be in ABS? Looking at the Thingiverse link, none of the 3 parts appear to be anywhere near any major sources of heat. And watching that Youtube video, I don't see how it actually holds the E3D V6 in place. Nothings wrapped around the hotend as far as I could tell. Is it solely held in place by the bowden tube?
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