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Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend

Posted by Simba 
Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
December 05, 2012 11:27PM
Internship/Mentorship for 3 months - work on developing new 3D printer technologies. Please PM me.
Hi, I'm an undergrad senior studying mechanical engineering at Iowa State University. I'm currently working for a ME professor building an open source 3D printer. I have extensive CAD experience, mostly SolidWorks and ProE. I'm looking for an internship right now, I have experience in construction, manufacturing, and machinery (chemical plant equipment).

Is your intern position still available? Email me at jblorch@iastate.edu if you would like a copy of my resume and course transcript. My GPA is 3.61 on a 4.0 scale.


Jack Lorch
Re: Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
February 19, 2013 02:08PM
We've followed up with you by email - thanks for your interest. For others, these internships are open on a continuous basis:

Armanicreations is looking for interns to help us push the envelope of technology by introducing many firsts to the industries of robotics and 3D printing. Our work is extremely fun, challenging, and rewarding. We're looking for someone that enjoys creative problem solving even though the problem might be difficult. Your experience and interest will determine what tasks you will be assigned to implement. Your responsibilities will be to design and implement a part of our products in collaboration with other engineers. You will sketch and then put design details into Sketchup or your choice of CAD. Once the design is ready, you will help us implement and test it.

The skills for the position should include at least some of the following, include heavy experience in one of the following 3 major categories:

Engineering Design/CAD (solidworks, autocad, freecad, sketchup, Comsol, FEM simulations),
Fabrication (3D printer experience, CNC experience, machining of parts, handiwork/crafting, other hobby work),
Electronics (PCB design, assembly, chip design, electronic connections, etc)
Programming (C#, C++, Matlab, Android, Arduino)
Thinking (Thinking outside the box, inventive concepts, new strategies, working independently)

Artistic (Product design, sketches, product finishing/polishing, painting or powdercoating, designing logos, advertisements, flyers)
Marketing (Feasibility analysis, price point analysis, abstract and subjective "look and feel" analysis, surveys)
Sales (Following up on sales leads, posting advertisments, conducting market research, carrying out
Management (Optimistically giving tours, conduct employee orientation, maintaining operational stability, optimizing morale, managing employees, maintaining employee records, setting up company events, tours, fundraising, etc.)

Scaleup/Sourcing (Identifying part sources, negotiating contracts, setting up RFQ documents, following up)
Assembly (Handiwork, ability to focus on one task, consistent reproduction of product assembly, following instructions)
Warehouse management (Boxing, unboxing, recycling, signing of packages, maintaining stock levels, answering general business calls and emails, managing cash flow and balance sheets)
Following instructions (Working under close supervision, following directions, being assignment many smaller tasks throughout the day)
Re: Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
May 12, 2013 06:07PM
Hi I would be very interested!

I'm currently an Electronics Engineering student and I've just built myself a MendelMax 1.5, and am currently interning for a company in Massachusetts that is focused on developing 3D Printers as well. I've worked with SolidWorks before in a CAD class, and right now I work with modifying FreeCAD's software. Here is link to a post I put up earlier for the modification I've created for FreeCAD:


GPA is 3.59 out of 4

email: hhp092@students.jwu.edu
Re: Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
May 12, 2013 11:24PM
Thanks!. And for others reading, yes we are still hiring, even more positions, and there may be one or two housing-included options.

I just found this page, and am very interested in any opportunities that might still be open for this summer 2013. I am going into my senior year at UMBC as a mechanical engineering major. I have plenty of experience using CAD with ProE and Autodesk Inventor. I consider myself as being very good at thinking of different ways to do certain tasks, and enjoy thinking outside the box to find new solutions. I can provide references and my resume upon request. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do. Thank you very much for your time.

Cum GPA: 3.657 out of 4.0
Email: mparks4@umbc.edu
Re: Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
August 30, 2013 11:34AM

I am interested in this oportunity. I am an Architectural designer by trade. My interest in 3d printing stems from my use of BIM CAD programs in college. I recently graduated, and built my first 3D printer (Prusa I3) in the last week! I am able to design objects for 3D printing and would like to be considered. I currently live in Maryland.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance and how to take advantage of this opportunity.

With kind regards
Re: Engineering Internship in Maryland (USA) with stipend
August 30, 2013 12:34PM
Thanks for your interest.
Please send your resume to us at info@armanicreations.com
Will we see you at the Maker Faire NYC?
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