Design quote for a small case, plus 1 off print needed (UK)
September 10, 2013 07:17AM
Hi all,..

I'm new to this community, based in the UK, and I've registered as I am looking for someone to design us a plastic case for an electronic product.
I have "pen sketched" drawings, and a Huxley, but we don't have a 3D designer on board.

I have commercial quotes, but thought I would also throw it open to the community here, as the design work here is impressive.

I need a quote for a 2 piece case to specification (will be measuring about 80mmx60mmx10mm), has radiused edges, with some internal mounts and a compartment for a battery. I'd also like one supplied (3D printed). The design needs to be suitable for injection moulding or vacuum forming.
I am not an expert in these areas, so we need someone who has some experience of manufacture.

I am sure the skills are here to do it, if you could PM me a price and where I can find an example of your work. I am not looking for the cheapest designer I can get, but I need a timescale within a couple of weeks.

Please PM me, and I'll drop to email, it's fully funded, so I just need to find someone to do it.

best regards,

Re: Design quote for a small case, plus 1 off print needed (UK)
March 18, 2014 12:28AM
Have you managed to get design done yet?

If not give me a call, as I am able to also design and manufacture mould tool for your main production component.

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