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Want to design and build custom printers in Indonesia? Or contribute in return for printer?

Posted by indorap 
I'm new to 3-D scanning and printing, and so far have a setup that can scan full bodies and print to max size of 20 x 20 x 25 cm on our rep-rap based printer we purchased out of China.

I'd like have help designing and building printers that can print much larger sizes - perhaps even as large as a full human, or at least as large as torso. Having more than two colors would also be preferable.

We have a large CNC router table here, and will eventually build a laser cutting table, so the frame and some other parts can easiliy be cut here.

From what I understand we'd need help with redesigning hardware and perhaps doing some alterations to Cura or other software. I'd also like help sourcing whatever hardware and electorinics that we can't make in-house from suppliers in China or wherever it is least expensive. I'm also not averse to making some electronics in house.

I'd like to build many of these larger machines.

I'd love to pay someones airfare to come out here and work and play using my budget. All expenses paid and then some. We have a great 4 story shop here, and many fun toys to play with, including a woodworking shop. There is even a possibility for a little profit sharing if we sell some of these larger printers.

Or if someone wants to contribute but does not want to fly out to Indonesia (on our dime) then I could send you a finished printer in return for your help.
Re: Want to design and build custom printers in Indonesia? Or contribute in return for printer?
December 25, 2013 01:44PM
Hire a local engineer, and software programmer.

A few of us are scaling up a delta printer named Lisa Simpson, it could fit a human sized object.

LISA Simpson

The problem that you are going to have with a large object is warping, and thermal shrinkage.
Amorphous PLA would be a good material to start experimenting with for large 3d printed objects.
Yes, I'm looking for local talent to help with this, however that's much easier said than done. I think it's most likely that I'll have to import someone. However any recommendations for someone in particular who lives in Indonesia are certainly welcome!

Thanks for the link to the Lisa Simpson project.

For those who might be interested to come out, we have a good lifestyle all around out here.

We'll also need some help putting together a lasersaur, and may want to make several.
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