CAD Designer & CNC Robotics specialist looking for pocket money
March 20, 2016 10:30PM

If somebody needs something designed, please send me a pm.

I´m familiar with Autocad, Sketchup, milling/engraving/laser gcode creation and parsing, Arduino programming, have built a few robots and lots of other stuff, and i have the necessary equipment. CNC mill, lathe, laserplotter, multicolor and multimaterial printers, diagnostic tools, ...

If just a hotend holder or a complete cnc-machine, i make dreams come true for small money.
You´ll find more information about my projects and references on my homepage, see signature.

Best regards,


Re: CAD Designer & CNC Robotics specialist looking for pocket money
June 17, 2016 12:59PM
Hi, Nick!
Where are you located?
I have a lot of projects on my table allready and I'm constantly searching for people with some sort of machine park. I prefer DIY enthusiasts because it's better for me to give some money on a person that will spend them on a cool project or something.
My only question is can you mill aluminium? Can you make tolerances with your mill CNC (if it's homemade)?
I will be very thankful if you leave me a PM with some options on the things you can do with your machines.
Best regards,
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